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Manhattan Beach

Location: 400-4500 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

How to get there

North or south on the 405 Freeway (San Diego) exit Manhattan Beach Blvd., make right onto Highland.

About Manhattan Beach

A fine sandy beach with a 900 foot classic pier this is one of the best beaches in LA county, and surprisingly quiet given it's great location on the shore of the district of Manhattan Beach.  The beach is overlooked by a rising rank of town houses in an eclectic mix of styles that really emphasizes the diversity of the region.

Families set up mats and umbrellas here to spend a whole day with the kids, and for an afternoon stroll go down to the end of the pier to visit the aquarium in the red tiled roundhouse which is an icon of the beach.


There are plenty of volleyball nets erected for everybody to have space to try, and the you will find all kinds of players here from local kids to the serious who practice every day.  Classic sand volleyball beach nets extend to Hermosa Beach.  There is a yearly Volleyball Open tournament held here just beside the pier where amateurs can compete against professionals.  See more at the city website Beach Volleyball page.


Other things you will find at Manhattan beach include bike trails, disabled facilities such as beach wheelchairs and access ways, and children's playground equipment.

Of course lifeguards are on duty each day and restrooms, showers and other normal facilities are well represented here.

With plentiful parking options this is one of the easier beaches to reach by car.  Consider street parking on the underground parking on Morningside Drive if you don't want to park on the beach itself. Or park right at the end of the pier in one of the small lots there.

Manhattan Beach, California

Food: Restaurants nearby include The Strand House, Darren's Restaurant and Bar and Rock'N Fish.  But walk around and you will find plentiful more options.

Lifeguards are on duty during daylight hours.

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Manhattan Beach has plenty of facilities for kids so it's very suitable for a family outing.

Here is Manhattan Beach on the map.


Nearby Attractions

While most people visit the beach just for a day of sand, sun, surf and fun, there are actually many interesting attractions all within easy reach of the beach. So if you want to combine some activities in a day in the area, or simply want to allow some members of your group to do different things, then consider some of these nearby attractions.

Point Dume - At the end of the beach, visible as you look all the way to the left while facing the sea, Point Dume is a rocky promontory that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. The point, a long bluff, forms the northern end of the Santa Monica Bay. It is most interesting as a rock climbing location as the rocking mound forms a natural climbing wall with very moderate single pitch rock climbing routes that are perfect for the beginner or training, or simply for those simply wishing to try out natural rock climbing.

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