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Santa Monica State Beach

Location: 100-2900 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

How to get there

Take the 10 Freeway west (Santa Monica) to Pacific Coast Highway and head north. 


One of the iconic beaches not just of Los Angeles but of the world the Santa Monica Beach, and the pier, has appeared in countless movies, song lyrics and cultural references.  Often seen as the end of the old Route 66 there is a shop right at the end of the pier called Route 66 Last Stop Shop, offering bait and tackle for fishermen and themed souviners.

The beach itself continues to be a major draw for locals and tourists alike as there are few such clean straight stretches of sandy shore anywhere in the world.  And particularly when you consider the other attractions around, from the Pier Aquarium to the original location of Muscle Beach (now over at Venice) this is a must see destination.

With several huge parking lots right on Ocean Front Walk, lifeguard towers spaced regularlly along the beach every 100 yards it is very family friendly.

On the western end of the beach there are numerous club houses, restaurants and other places to enjoy sitting down with a drink or a meal and enjoy the views.

With easy access by bike, bus or car the beach does attract a lot of people weekends and holidays but given how long and wide it is there is always room for everybody.

Over on the east side of the pier you will find the Dorothy Green Park which has green spaces, and a cafe where you can rent bikes to ride along the beach. Join one of their Legends Historic Bike tours!  See for details.

Across the lot from Perry's is the South Beach Park with a great little playground for the youngest members of the family with climbing frames and pretend surfboards to stand on!


Santa Monica Beach

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Here is Santa Monica State Beach on the map.


Nearby Attractions

While most people visit the beach just for a day of sand, sun, surf and fun, there are actually many interesting attractions all within easy reach of the beach. So if you want to combine some activities in a day in the area, or simply want to allow some members of your group to do different things, then consider some of these nearby attractions.

Point Dume - At the end of the beach, visible as you look all the way to the left while facing the sea, Point Dume is a rocky promontory that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. The point, a long bluff, forms the northern end of the Santa Monica Bay. It is most interesting as a rock climbing location as the rocking mound forms a natural climbing wall with very moderate single pitch rock climbing routes that are perfect for the beginner or training, or simply for those simply wishing to try out natural rock climbing.

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